Laying Stepping Stones in a Gravel Path

Concrete Stepping Stones on GravelIf you already have a gravel path, but would like to make it a bit more solid and stable, you can really re-invent your path by adding stepping stones.

You’re basically going to follow the same instructions and depth requirements as you would if you were building a path with softscape planted between the stones, described in the How to Build a Stepping Stone Path DIY Article.

There are very few differences in the way you’re going to build this path compared to the instructions in the main Stepping Stone Path DIY article.  Here they are:

  • After you’ve positioned your stepping stones along the path, move the first stone from its spot and use your bow rake to move any gravel currently residing there.  Clear a wider space than just the outline of the stone, because you don’t want to have to deal with a bunch of gravel falling into your hole as you dig.
  • Your stepping stone’s upper face should lie at least 1” above the level of the existing gravel.  This will give your gravel path the appearance of being stronger and more stable.
  • If your stepping stones are at least 5” thick, you can raise the face of your stones as high as 2” above the gravel.  This creates a really distinctive separation of your stepping stones from the surrounding gravel.

This little DIY tidbit can be used in conjunction with the How to Build a Stepping Stone Path DIY Article.  If you want to create either a gravel pathway or a stepping stone path set in gravel from scratch, read the Building a Gravel Path DIY article.

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